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I was born in the Bay Area and grew up in sunny (and smoggy) Southern California.  You could see the air most of the time!  It obscured mountains several miles away, and languished over high-rise buildings.  After I got married and moved to the Seattle area, I stopped getting bronchitis 4 times a year.  I had left behind my favorite California foods for quality air.

I have always been a writer, and it started with me reading.  I pored over books as a kid.  I treasured The Chronicles of Narnia, gleefully loved The Littles, cried over Charlotte’s Web, and thought myself a keen thinker by trying to figure out Encyclopedia Brown, Nancy Drew, and The Happy Hollisters.

In high school I wrote tons of poetry and tried my hand at creating fictional interview pieces.  I was very confident I could write for Rolling Stone someday.  In my freshman year at community college, I wrote a research report that got my professor’s attention.  He wrote in the margin that I should submit my work to our local newspaper, and that I was, I quote, “a writer.”

That made a huge impression on me.  I knew I was too, but was so not ready to pursue journalism!  I wanted a sure career, and writing seemed fuzzy to me then.  I was an elementary teacher instead, and loved my short years in the classroom.

I don’t know where my sense of humor came from.  It definitely was nurtured and fueled by watching Saturday Night Live.  That edgy, deadpan style of humor is certainly how my brain came to be wired.  I might have always wanted to share my humor with the world, and today my family gives me the material to do that.

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~Kim Knuth

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